999 Letters for You

[999LFY] Letter VI

Dear you, 

Such a long time since I have spoken to you. I almost forgot you, but I can’t. How can I forget that human being fucking still alive on the earth as you and your guys. 

You guys remind me of the pyramid. Again, if you don’t know the pyramid, search Google, not your soul, in case you still have a soul. HAA

The pyramid of human beings, which the man on the top will stand on the others’ shoulder. And that man – I mean the man on the top – is ignoring the other people: their hearts, their souls, their pathetic daily problems, their minds… Because of that, you are too busy to think, or busy for nothing. I don’t know what you are busy with right now, but I think this is how you work huh? But It is true, that’s called life. And nobody, but you, is so busy like that. And I just wonder how long your pyramid stands still, end of the fucking Era?

I don’t like to bully the fucking idiot like you. No, I love you, like the love for the kind of animal as soon to be extinct, and you are the last specimen on the earth. Pathetic, vulnerable love, that one day, I will take you down. Because I am not your guy. And I do not have a narrow mind, with the fucking retared brain. I have my mind, my soul, and my court, not like you, no brain, no soul, and no… the other things that make humanity, last but not least, where is your ethic?

I bet you know what is called ethics, don’t you? If not, back to the beginning of this letter. The more I write for you, in the morning until the afternoon, the less I feel bad for you. Because I do not like animals, dogs, cats,… kind of pets… Hence, I do not like you. I do hate you.

By the way, what is the specimen on earth that stands on its knees? Can you show me? Dear Lord, pray me, give me the power to love your retarded brain without hestitation. Because God teaches us, when you love someone/ something, they will give unconditional love. Sure, you take me for unconditional advantges. That makes sense, but not real. You actually use me, for your personal stuff. You would not know when the kind of stuff would go around. What goes around… comes back around. At that time, I will see you there. 

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