999 Letters for You

[999LFY] Letter III

Dear you, 

Have you been there yet?

Have you been to your fucking gorgeous, beautiful, powerful, self-admiring and loving  world that you never stop dreaming?

And I am sure you were there, you have been there, you are there, and you will be there soon. 

When I see your face, I don’t know why I have memorized the first time I met you. Was I such an idiot? You are growing up now, but not yet.

I memorize every time I have sent you any documents that I think were useful for you. 

I received nothing except the reluctant appreciation. 

You said that was the garbage, it was useless papers to throw into the garbage. 

Unfortunately, you failed, three fucking times. HA HA HA. 

Failure is made of the face of an ungrateful bitch, you deserve that, you know it? 

I don’t think you feel that way, bitch 

You claimed everything, claimed me, claimed anyone talking about your exams. I felt sorry for you, as if the claimant  would take back all the best results for you, bitch. 

Your irresponsibility is not only enough for your life, but also sabotages the other kid’s life. You are bringing other kids in your community to this city with the hallucination that we need any university to learn, not to try, and then everything will be okay. Really? Like you tell me a joke, a really bad joke!

By the way, any universities but not higher or more high-class than your fucking college, you don’t want any kids better than you, or more successful than you, do you?

Once again, you deserve to fail three exams. 

I used to wonder why people like you live without any hobbies or any passions. 

Now, I think I am wrong. 

Your hobby is money. Your hobby is the people who make a lot of money with snobbish appearance because they are scared that nobody knows they have too much money. You joke again, darling?

And I am wrong again that you have no passion. Of course, you have a passion too. 

The passion you are building by lies, so many lies, not jokes, honey

Your passion is building your own fantasy. The fantasy of the world are full of compliment, self-centered, self-flattered about your beauty, your fucking talent, your generous,….

The fantasy world that you are a very successful woman (as if, you are the one bought house, a bike, a lovely gentleman falling in love with you…..at actual young age)

oh God I can’t remember all, but are you telling me another joke, right?

Why do a lot of people trust you, I mean people in your community? Life is sometimes unfair, you know? 

Your fantasy is larger and higher, and you forget to look around, don’t you? 

Outside the borderline are two people standing there, staring at you. One of them is me.

You should be careful, more careful, especially when you open your fucking mouth.

And I forget that you are so good at joking, so so good.

Once again, 

Have you had your fantasy yet? 

I think you will get there sooner.

See you in the ground of ashes.

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