999 Letters for You

[999LFY] Letter VII

Hello you,

Have you been happy with your current Dog, and another fucking Dog, and many latery countless Dogs? 

I am guesing you are, like the way you are happy with your man. By the way, I am happy while writing this sentence for you. 

This You see that, You are happy, I am happy to, for you. 

Sure. Deep down in my soul.

Don’t be so plattered, when you are so proud of yourself, I am ashamed of you. Perhaps ashamed of meeting you in the past. 

Dogs are your hobby, your pets, like your man. OH God makes me sick when writing down the line, but rejoice in my vein. Hence, you have no idea what’s different between a man and a dog. I hope you use the retarded brain to think about it.

Tik Tok Tik Tok. Time is flying.

Have you ever noticed that the man of yours has the effort to buy a dog? That is the difference. You’re welcome.

Or, the other hypothesis. The scientist once said that people feel that dogs are more controllable than cats, consequently, they feel more psychological ownership over them. Humankind loves things easy to control, do not exclude you.

Then your man will appreciate me, when killing the gift that he bought for you (a breathing, bleeding and howling gift), and comprehending that there is no difference between him and the dog. You’re welcomed too. 

You have got everything in your life: love, a fake successful career, parents who love you unconditionally ( I don’t say that they spoiled you, but actually they are – not to mention you are the most selfish woman I have ever met, bitch – in case you need an exact word, or something seem like academic, just call me;  Or I called you a narcicisst bitch. Oop. You do not need to call me anymore) and a house you are bragging over the town that you bought it? Really? You said you always love dogs, I doubt it. Do you have a soul to love anything else but yourself ?  I am not sure. But I am sure you have no self-esteem.

But I do not perceive that your apreciaton in your fucking dull eyes. And I did not love that. So, Hold on to your man and your dog, Ok?

Because I love the quote “Two birds with one stone”. No, you do not love birds, you love a dog and a man. I will redefine it a little bit as “Two dogs with one stone”. You are welcomed, again.

From my heart, I am looking forward to seeing you again. 

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