999 Letters for You

[999LFY] Letter V

Dear You,

Have you known that your life is becoming so fucked up now? 

Not yet, darling, I bet you are looking at it as the opposite to what I am talking about.

First of it, you need to know the definition of the word “mindset”. Google it, read about it, research it carefully, not #learnonTikTok, not in Reels, not in the short video on Youtube… Nothing can be learnt or understood deeply in the fucking-one-minute-thirty-second video. 

Secondly, has the Internet ever told you about the narrative yet? The narrative is the voice in your head which will direct you to what you need to do, or what you have to do, and what you don’t have to do. It’s similar to the judge, sitting on the top of the court. The modern society is lead by this fucking narrative. 

It is always circulating about: to be more extreme, more radical, more self-assured to get the attention, to be beautiful more, to be richer more, to be more talented than you actually are… and even matter. It ties in to the growing with our culture where the trends are growing more and more growing. But you have never seen the scenario behind, and success needs more effort, working harder, more patience… to You everyday, every time you touch your smartphone. Oh, this smart which is turning everyone using into stupid. The greatest creature ever!

Success is not about the moment, if you fail to under-pressure, do not dream about extraordinary, honey. Just be the average, no one can blame you for the average, unless you blame yourself. I bet your ego will not let you do that. 

The Internet has not just open-source information which also makes you feel self-doubt, shame, lost in yourself. It shows you that “big fish in a small pond” is better than to be a small fish in the ocean. Let me tell you this, have you ever seen fish from a pond being treated to customers in a five-star restaurant? If it does, just a few do. One thing I want to remind you here, the environment. A pond, or the ocean, is just the environment. Some people said that fucked environment, nothing could influence them. It would be true if you can handle the fucking depression, anxiety, insomnia… in the stupid exam. If you don’t, that pond will shape your mind and squeeze your brain into something tiny. Because everything needs fitting. Finally, you’d better not lose yourself in self-doubting, as well as shaming when you are in this small fucking pond.

But, you know what, you’re still special and deserve attention from the crowd which belongs to you. You don’t need to be great to be loved, because the Internet told you that. But you need to do your best to become the best version of yourself. I bet the Internet told you that, too. 


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