999 Letters for You

[999LFY] Letter IV

Dear You,

If you have chances, or any kind of different changes, please don’t read any information about the ideas such as: How to read as many books as possible, or something like “How to read books to make money”… Or “Ways to read books more effectively”… and so many fucking keywords like that. 

I hate to break your heart but there is no way for you to read more books, unless you want this by yourself… 

If you don’t want to read, you can’t hold a book longer for 3 fucking minutes. 

If you want to read books to earn money, it will be useless, it will waste a lot of time, even worse, you will waste a lot of money, too. There is no magic in this fucking life, If it were, the biilionaire will cover the surface of the Earth… Oh God, just stop being such a stupid dreamer!!!

I have a friend, who always talks about reading, but he never ever picks up a book and begins… like the way he talks about running, but never takes out the shoes to begin…

And you know what, there always are some kinds of reasonable claimation as: too busy, having no time, it’s raining, it’s sunny, or working… All above all, one reason is logical: He is so fucking afraid of himself to begin with. He is a coward too. And I forget that the parrot loves to talk! You know what, he keeps talking right now!

Which sometimes is the reason we search for the keywords above to avoid the fear covering our mind. 

Reading will waste a lot of time, even money, but the knowledge you gain with it is nothing to compare. Don’t be fool yourself that you have a life to read (like “I will read when retiring” –no, it’s bullshit, imagine yourself in the hospital,… there’s nothing you can do, nobody knows what will happen next). And I guess, his thumb will have enough strenght to scroll down the Feeds of Tiktok, if our civilization still existed to his last breaths.

Last but not least, if you keep chasing the money, I bet the money is turning back on you, because you know what, it has no heart at all.

There is no guide for reading books

There are no rules for earning money, either.

Even more, there is no time for both of those. 

And there is no space for foolishness.

And I will see your reels.

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